The Embassy

Address, opening times, consular district and how to contact the Embassy in case of emergency

The Embassy's Consular District includes Ethiopia and Djibouti. The Embassy assists the German Embassy in Djibouti in consular matters. Postal address: Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany PO ...

The German Embassy Compound in Addis Ababa

On the occasion of a German special delegation visiting Ethiopia on behalf of German Emperor Wilhelm II, the Ethio-German Trade and Friendship Treaty was signed on 7 March 1905. This agreement laid th...


Assistance in case of emergency

We would like to give you some tips on how to prevent emergencies, even before the start of your journey. But should the worst come to the worst - your passport disappears, your money is lost - then find out here how the Embassy can help you.

The Embassy

Accessibility of the German Embassy

Generally, accessibility is rather limited in Addis Ababa. While the international airport of Addis Ababa is overall adequately accessible, public transport, (foot-) paths and sidewalks, as well as to...