The Embassy sections

Political Section

The Political Section promotes the bilateral relations between Germany and Ethiopia. It entertains a permanent dialogue with the Ethiopian Government, political parties and civil society. Observing and analyzing the domestic and foreign policies of Ethiopia, including human rights, developing bilateral cooperation projects on political aspects, as well as preparing and managing visits of senior officials from Germany are further focus areas of the Political Section.

Consular section

The Consular and Legal Section of the Embassy is the point of contact for German citizens in Ethiopia for legal queries such as German nationality-, family- and inheritance law. Furthermore, the department supports Germans in emergency situations, when applicable. It is also the appropriate passport authority for Germans in Ethiopia.

In addition, the Consular and Legal Section is the counterpart for Ethiopians and other citizens in Ethiopia planning a trip to Germany to apply for visa. Please use the information on this website and the directions to arrange an appointment.

Development Cooperation Section

The team of this section is responsible for the steering of the German development cooperation with the Government of Ethiopia. It serves as focal point for any matters of the governmental and non-governmental development cooperation. In that respect, they’re in permanent dialogue with the Ethiopian Government, international development partners, German implementing agencies (e.g. GIZ, KfW) and non-governmental organizations. Furthermore, they observe the humanitarian situation in Ethiopia.

Economic section

The Economic Section promotes trade and business ties between Germany and Ethiopia. We support German companies already active in Ethiopia and offer information to German companies and delegations on fact-finding missions to Ethiopia. We connect Ethiopian investors interested in investing in Germany with the relevant German agencies. The section is also engaged in a dialogue with relevant Ethiopian ministries to support reforms facilitating foreign direct investment in Ethiopia and regularly analyzes the economic development of the country. Finally, the section is also in charge of climate diplomacy and supports Ethiopia’s activities in international climate negotiations.

Cultural section

The Cultural Section promotes cultural relations and exchange in the field of education between Germany and Ethiopia. We support German universities and cities that have ties with Ethiopian partner institutions. The section facilitates the work of German cultural institutions in Ethiopia, including the Goethe Institute, the German Embassy School, the German Academic Exchange Service and the German Archaeological Institute. The section is also organizing or sponsoring a number of concerts and cultural projects each year.

Press section

The Press Section is in charge of the Embassy's press and public affairs work, aiming at communicating Germany's activities in Ethiopia and regarding the African Union, as well as Germany's domestic and foreign policies to the interested public. It liaises with local media outlets and journalists, conducts media support activities and assists German journalists working in Ethiopia, when requested.

Defence Attaché

The Defence Attaché is the representative for the German Armed Forces in Ethiopia. In addition to Ethiopia, his area of responsibility includes Djibouti and South Sudan.

The Defence Attaché advises the Ambassador on military and security matters, as well as on relevant policy developments in the regions for which he is accredited. Another responsibility is the facilitation of cooperation between the German Federal Ministry of Defence and the Ministries of the Defence of the above-mentioned countries and the AU.

The Embassy sections