Waiting periods for visa appointments

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Visa appointments:


Appointments for Schengenvisa are activated two weeks in advance. 

Family reunion (national visa)

You register on the reservation list in order to get an appointment for your visa application. After the successful registration, you will receive two e-mails:

   1. a confirmation mail containing a reference number within 30 minutes after registration
   2. as soon as the appointment is fixed – several weeks ahead of your appointment - you will receive another e-mail with the exact appointment date and time.

New appointments are released at irregular intervals in the greatest number possible, and generally in order of their registration.

Due to the high demand for family reunion to a family member who is recognized as refugee or is an asylum seeker in Germany, 12 to 15 months may elapse between the date of registration and the notification of a specific appointment for Eritrean refugees.

Study Visa

Appointments for students’ visa are activated 4 weeks in advance.

All documents have to be complete and submitted in the original (see information sheets). Incomplete applications may be denied. Non-requested submitted documents (by e-mail or fax) cannot be taken into account.

Each applicant has to appear in person.        

Exceptions: seriously ill persons, and only after inquiry of each particular case.

You are kindly requested to verify your visa-data immediately upon receipt of your passport.

Standardized visa fees for all categories amount to 60,- Euro. Payment is to be made in Birr (ETB) on the day of application. Because of currency fluctuation, statements in national currency are not given. Fees are not refundable, regardless of any decision.

Necessary payments for fees are only processed at the visa section and thereafter you receive a receipt. The booking of an appointment and the application forms are free of charge.

Please direct any enquiries not being addressed on our website exclusively to the contact form.