Consular Information

Important Security Information

According to the security regulations of the Embassy, to facilitate your entrance into the visa and consular section and to avoid delays at the checkpoint, please be advised that

- cameras, sprays, luggage or arms are NOT ALLOWED within this Embassy

- cell phones must be SWITCHED OFF.

No more legalisations

The Embassy has stopped legalisations of Ethiopian certificates on 31 March 2014.  Certificates which are presented to the Embassy from 1 April 2014 can no longer be legalised.   However, by means of legal and administrative cooperation, the Embassy can assist German authorities and courts by having certificates checked for the veracity of the facts certified and thus give German authorities support in their decision making.  Whether a verification is required or not is solely determined by the German authority or court where the certificate is to be used as evidence. Private individuals can not request verification of certificates.   Further information on verifications of documents can be found in our information sheet.

App Auswärtiges AMt

“Auswärtiges Amt – Auslandsvertretungen weltweit”: the app for finding German missions abroad on all standard mobile devices

Its interactive and informative app provides quick, easy access to the latest information from the FFO.  

Visa information

Particularities about the visa service of the German Embassy in Addis Ababa along with an application form as a pdf file to download.