Sustainable Management of Natural Resources; Agriculture and Food Security

Sustainable Land Management

Population growth and inappropriate farming methods put Ethiopia’s rural population in highland regions at risk of food insecurity. Germany supports its Ethiopian partners (from the federal down to the local level) on resource conservation, agricultural methods and approaches in participatory rural development and forest management.

As a result of Germany's support,

- over 180,000 hectares of degraded land were taken back into productive use through sustainable farming methods. 194,000 households benefit from this measure.

- the area of irrigated land used by small farmers has increased, helping farmers to expand their production.

Sustainable Land Management [pdf, 3,265.81k]

Drought Resilience

Food insecurity also endangers the rural, mainly pastoral population in Ethiopia’s lowlands. Climate change, droughts and floods, degradation of land as well as demographic pressure are among the main factors.

German development cooperation contributesto improving access to natural resources such as water, land and pastures enabling their more intensified and sustainable use. This strengthens the drought resilience of affected communities.

Drought Resilience Project [pdf, 1,882.52k]

Agricultural Productivity

Germany supports the Agricultural Growth Programme of Ethiopia through activities for agricultural training, improved seeds, agricultural innovation and value chains.


Development Cooperation - Agriculture

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