2014 marked the 50th anniversary of official Ethio-German development cooperation. During these years, Ethiopia has stepped up its efforts to overcome its position as one of the world´s poorest countries. Much success has been achieved, particularly in reducing extreme poverty and improving the health and education sectors. Ethiopia has had stable growth rates for years and is well on its way to achieving the majority of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG´s).

Germany supports these efforts in the context of bilateral cooperation and focuses on the following priority areas, in consultation with the Ethiopian government:

Vocational Training and Higher Education

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources; Agriculture and Food Security

Conservation and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources; Biodiversity


Ethiopia is one of Germany´s priority partner countries in development cooperation. Germany has committed more than € 120 million from 2015 to 2017. The toal volume of bilateral cooperation since 1964 amounts to more than € 1 billion.

Instruments and institutions

Germany applies the full range of financial and technical cooperation in Ethiopia. These include advisory services, capacity building, expert support as well as investments in infrastructure, equity, grants and wide-ranging training.

In addition, German support is channelled through multilateral organisations like the European Union (with about 20% of its funding coming from Germany), United Nations, World Bank and African Development Bank.

Latest News

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