German assistance for health posts in Somali region

Representatives of the German Embassy in Addis Ababa, the German Development Bank KfW and the German Corporation for International Cooperation GIZ paid a visit to health posts operated by Humedica in Kobe and Melkadida. Based in the south-eastern part of Ethiopia, these two refugee camps – along with three other similar camps – host around 210.000 refugees from Somalia.

The German government finances the operations of Humedica in Kobe and Melkadida. Thanks to these funds, around 900 patients from the refugee and host communities benefit from basic healthcare services per week. Humedica runs the only basic dental doctor’s office in the region. Humedica is a German non-governmental organization.

Ethiopia gives refuge to more than 800.000 persons from neighboring countries who escape from insecurity, hunger and drought. The German government highly appreciates the hospitality of the Ethiopian government and the Ethiopian people and contributes to tackling the consequential challenges. In this vein, Germany is one of the main donors to UNHCR operations in Ethiopia. Besides, the German government funds a number of non-governmental organizations who provide services to refugees, among them Humedica.