Other Areas of Cooperation

National Qualification Infrastructure (NQI)

The National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) guarantees reliable industry standards and norms in order to ensure high-quality products are available for Ethiopian consumers and the export sector. The NQI organisations take international standards and guidelines as their point of reference, e.g. for certifying Ethiopian products. That way, the Ethiopian industry is supported in increasing its competitiveness on international markets.

National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) [pdf, 1,433.47k]

Urban Development and Decentralisation (UGDP)

Cities deliver efficient and effective services through self-governed funding and an improved public infrastructure. They involve the population in decision-making processes, give rural regions incentive for development and improve the enabling environment for economic growth and job creation.

Urban Governance and Decentralisation Programme (UGDP) [pdf, 1,790.25k]

Civil Peace Service (CPS)

Conflict transformation and prevention capacities among national, regional and local actors have been strengthened enabling them to independently resolve existing and rising conflicts in Ethiopia.

Civil Peace Service (CPS) [pdf, 2,438.92k]

Promotion of Renewable Energies

Conditions in Ethiopia’s energy sector shall be improved. Lower-income households, social facilities and small and medium-sized enterprises in particular should gain sustainable access to modern energy technologies and services.

Energy Coordination Office (ECO) [pdf, 1,389.21k]