„German Week“ in Mekelle

On March 6, 2017, Ambassador Joachim Schmidt attended the “German Week”-Celebrations in Mekelle. One highlight was the naming of “Witten Street” in Mekelle,which is located at the main entrance of the Ayder Referral Hospital of Mekelle University. AtoDaniel Afessa, Mayor of Mekelle, Ato Ahmedin Idris, Head of the “Society Ethiopia-Witten” and General Practitioner in the city of Witten as well as the Deputy Mayor of Witten, Mrs. Sabine Schmelzer, jointly carried out the renaming ceremony of the street.

With this beautiful gesture, the city of Mekelle expressed its gratitude for her sister city Witten to have been engaged over many years and to have supported the Ayder Referral Hospital through technical assistance and human resources. This acknowledgment included other fields of cooperation of this city partnership, which has existed since 2016, as well. Among these are  improvements in handling of emergencies, the fire department and the local police force.

During the ceremony, a completely retreated fire truck from Germany – donated by the “Society Ethiopia-Witten” and the city of Witten - was handed over to the city of Mekelle. The demonstrations of the firefighting capabilities of the fire truck proved to impress the citizens of Mekelle,who attended the ceremony.

Several members of the delegation from the city of Witten used this visit to meet and to further educate doctors and nurses at the Ayder Referral Hospital. Representatives of the “Holtkampschule Witten” visited the joint development project for rural elementary schools near Mekelle for which they had organized a charity run.

The city partnership Mekelle – Witten is the newest of four city partnerships between Germany and Ethiopia. The other partnerships exist between Addis Ababa and Leipzig, Adwa and Gotha as well as Alem Keteme and Vaterstetten.