Bilateral cultural relations

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Ethiopia has a unique culture and history, thousands of years old. It’s people are rightfully proud of this rich cultural heritage and much of the cultural life in Addis Ababa revolves around this exceptional heritage. Still, there is space for a rich dialogue with German culture, represented by a host of cultural institutions like the Goethe Institute, the German Embassy School, the German Academic Exchange Service as well as the German Archaeological Institute. All of these institutions are constantly working on sharing different facets of Germany’s rich culture with an interested Ethiopian public. The cultural section of the German Embassy is supporting and coordinating these diverse activities. Cultural activities range from classical music concerts, football tournaments held at the German Embassy School, concerts of famous German musicians (like the Reggae musician Gentleman) to exhibitions of famous artists based in Germany like Olafur Eliasson.

These official activities are complemented by many activities of German associations, cities, universities and schools that are supported by the Embassy. They range from partnerships between cities to bilateral university projects.

Currently, two of the most visible projects invigorating the cultural ties between Germany and Ethiopia are the archaeological excavations of the German Archaeological Institute in Yeha and Wuqro, as well as the technical support offered by a German football expert to the Ethiopian Football Federation in developing Ethiopia’s national team.