Germany makes the fourth-largest financial contribution to the UN peacekeeping budget. 

Peace and stability demand an integrated approach to security, incorporating education and healthcare, access to water, environmental protection, crisis prevention and the fight against global poverty and disease. Germany seeks long-term solutions to conflict and recognises that peace is the foundation stone of sustainable development.

We support programmes of demobilisation, decommissioning and reintegration of former combatants in countries such as Angola, Liberia, Rwanda, Burundi and the Sudan. Germany is a key player in the AU Border Programme. We assist many African nations in building and strengthening their democratic and constitutional structures, and training a professional police force. Germany supports the important work of the African Union, and is financing the new AU Peace and Security Department in Addis Ababa.


Building for Peace Enlarge image (© Auswärtiges Amt)

Enlarge image Germany is partnering with the African Union in the construction of a new building for peace and security at AU headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This will be the place for monitoring crisis situations, for planning and directing peace missions and for important decisions to be made – to ultimately achieve peace on the African continent.

UN Beobachter Enlarge image (© Auswärtiges Amt) Enlarge image Germany actively supports the African Peace and Security Architecture as well as African peace­keeping. 90 million US dollars are provided every year for crisis prevention and peacebuilding in Africa. We provide soldiers and police officers to UN missions throughout Africa, contributing to solving crises and building peace.

Enlarge image Germany provides financial and technical support, knowledge and experience for building and training professional police forces throughout Africa. Basic training and infrastructure is provided to post-conflict countries. KAIPTC Enlarge image (© Leo Hirschmann, KAIPTC)

At training centres such as the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre in Accra, Ghana, Germany works towards the efficient and integrated training of military, police and civilian personnel for peacekeeping missions.


Enlarge image Germany is involved in efforts to end the long-running civil war in Somalia. We assist in training a police force and drafting a new Somalian constitution.

Grenzstein Enlarge image (© Auswärtiges Amt) Only around 25 percent of all borders in Africa are properly marked and this is a constant source of dispute. The African Union Border Programme (AUBP), which Germany supports with the help of the German Technical Cooperation Agency (GTZ), intends to create an electronic archive, support demarcation and improve border management.